Fish Sauce

Made from salted fermented fish, fish sauce is a staple ingredient for seasoning in many Southeast Asian cuisines.

Fish sauce (Nước mắm) is as vital to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine as soy sauce is to Chinese cuisine. It smells terrible, but don’t worry – it’s flavour is not offensive and makes Southeast Asian dishes taste wonderful. In fact, its salty, fermented flavour can be much more subtle than expected. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Việt Hương Three Crabs brand fish sauce is labeled Nước mắm nhĩ – the word nhĩ meaning it is from the first extraction, rather similar to the cold-pressed extra virgin label on a bottle of olive oil. Although the nước mắm will darken with time after being opened, you want to look for a light amber color when you purchase it. It’s perfectly fine to store nước mắm at room temperature.