For a few years now we’ve been using a Weekly Menu Board. Every Friday, before we go to the shops, we check the pantry, fridge and freezer to see what needs to be used and if there’s anything that inspires us for the following week’s meals.

We try to share the burden of cooking by selecting meals that each of us cook. We also include the occasional “Out” to give us both a break for the night.

As we discuss, we write up our menu for the week on the Weekly Menu Board. Once finished, we simply take a photo of it on our phone to take shopping. We may still need to write up a short shopping list, but usually the photo is all we need.

Having a pre-thought out menu avoids additional unnecessary grocery purchases at the store and of course takes away the pressure of making choices when you get there (and the arguments that happen in the middle of the store).

We do sometimes switch a couple of nights around if we get to that day and don’t feel like cooking something that takes a long time to prepare/cook.

If one of us comes home and the other is cooking for the night, we can check the board to see if anything can be prepared in the meantime.

Each night we simply check the board to see if anything needs to be taken out of the freezer, or prepared (ie: marinated), for the following night’s meal.

It’s quick, easy and there for everyone to see, including our friends and family. This site is a place for us to share some of those recipes that feature on our Weekly Menu Board that everyone seems to ask about.

NB: All of our recipes are done with metric weights and UK/Australian cups and spoons (ie: US tablespoon is 15ml, whereas UK/Aus is 20ml).